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1760 Highway 49 A140
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 889-1086

Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM
Closed Weekends

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Also in Grass Valley:
13241 Grass Valley Ave
Grass Valley, CA 95945
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Silver Bars in
Auburn, California

JH MINT in Auburn, California routinely buys, sells and trades physical silver in all the most popular formats and can broker any size transaction for any of the following items and more:

  • Silver 100 oz. Bar
  • Silver 10 oz. Bar
  • Silver 1 oz. Bar
  • Silver 1 oz. Rounds
  • Silver 1 oz. American Eagles
  • Silver 720 oz. Bag, $1000 face
  • Silver 180 oz. 1/4 Bag, $250 face

We display Up-To-The-Minute Silver Prices in our retail store and on our website. Scroll down or click here to see our current priceboard, or continue to our homepage at auburnsilverandgold.com.

from wikipedia.org:

Silver Bars

A traditional way of investing in silver is by buying actual bullion bars. The flat, rectangular shape of silver bars makes them ideal for storage in a home safe. Silver is traded in the spot market with the code "XAG". When settled in United States Dollars, the code is "XAGUSD".

Various sizes of silver bars:

  • 1000 oz troy bars – These bars weigh about 68 pounds avoirdupois (31 kg) and vary about 10% as to weight, as bars range from 900 ozt to about 1,100 ozt (28 to 34 kg). These are COMEX and LBMA good delivery bars.
  • 100 oz troy bars – These bars weigh 6.8 pounds (3.11 kg) and are among the most popular with retail investors. Popular brands are Engelhard and Johnson Matthey. Those brands cost a bit more, usually about 40 cents to 2.00 dollars per troy ounce above the spot price, but that price may vary with market conditions.
  • Odd weight retail bars – These bars cost less and generally have a wider spread, due to the extra work it takes to calculate their value and the extra risk due to the lack of a good brand name.
  • 10 oz troy bars (311 g)
  • 1 oz troy bars (31.1 g)

Auburn, California

Auburn is the county seat of Placer County, California. Its population at the 2010 census was 13,330. Auburn is known for its California Gold Rush history. Auburn is part of the Greater Sacramento area.

JH MINT in Auburn, California
Silver Bar
Silver Bullion on Display at JH MINT

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